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    I just finished listening to the audiobook Under the Dome by Stephen King. It was great. Faced paced, intriguing, emotional. It has something for everyone, though I would not say that it is for the whole family. King wrote this with a light hearted style that is almost flippant at times but which is fun through almost the whole book.

    The book is about a small town that becomes isolated from the world. The isolation event leaves the town without grid power or water and missing many of its people resources (medical personnel, the fire department, some police, etc). The town’s folk must face this isolation, and they do so in many different ways.

    It is very interesting in how the town reacts to its isolation, running the whole gambit of the WTSHTF badies: murder, suicide, riots, rape, pillage, etc. In just a few days the powers that be start to round up firearms from citizens and to form a private army. I don’t want to give away the book…trust me, it is a good read.

    Now, as for a read…it is a hell of one. 1088 pages in hardcover. I listened to the audiobook: 60 hours long. About on par with War and Peace in terms of length, but well worth the effort.

    Total aside and a pitch for a product that I like: Audible.com. I have no links to them and pay them money, not the other way around, but I think that they are great. I listen to a lot of audiobooks while driving, excersizing, doing work about the house, etc. They can be expensive to buy and getting them from Cracker Barrel or the library is limiting: you can only get what they have got and get it in CD or casset tape and have only so long to listen to it. I pay Audible less than $30 a month for platinum membership (gold is cheaper and I think that silver is free). Every month they give me 2 credits (if I remember correctly 1 credit for gold and none for sliver/free), and most books are worth 1 credit. So, I can get two audiobooks for less than the price of one per month in most cases. I have bought audiobooks listed as costing over $100 for 1 credit. Plus, I can outright buy any book in their inventory for 1/3 off the list price. And their sales are great. The audiobooks are easily downloaded, and I usually load them onto my iPod/iPhone, though I occassionaly burn them to disk. Their inventory is hugh, tens of thousands of books, and once you buy a book it goes into your library and you can down load it again and again. If you like books but have little time to actually read, they rock.

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