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    The OathKeepers have three meetings coming up in the near future. It may not be everyones cup of tea, but I figure I’d share for those interested. From the email:

    With that, it is only one week until our December 4th Chapter meeting. This next meeting will be a casual movie night. We will show AMERIGEDON, produced by Chuck Norris’ son. It is an OK movie, but the message it sends is clear – the globalists are intent on taking us down! So, we hope to see you all at the Library on at 3 pm, 12/6. We will have popcorn and soft drinks for your theatrical enjoyment. See you there!

    January meeting will be on the SECOND Sunday, 01/08, at 3 pm at the Library. Col Arnoldo Vaquer will be conducting a class on field sanitation and hygiene. This will be a VERY informative class and you will not want to miss it!

    February meeting is cancelled due to the State-wide training at Holiday Lake Feb 3-5. Please see link below. We will NOT be sleeping out in the cold. This will be indoor classes on the Constitution and we are expecting a special guest, Sheriff Richard Mack. This will be a good opportunity to get away and enjoy some fun and meet new people from different VAOK regions. […]

    Please click on this link and register for the weekend training. http://virginiaoathkeepers.org/virginia-oath-keepers-statewide-training-february-2017/

    Always looking for NoVa/DMV related events.

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