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    Many new members have expressed some difficulty in the organization of the APN and GPN Forums. I decided that I would post a sort of “users’ guide” to offer some help.

    However a member may locate the Georgia Preppers we are under the umbrella of the American Preppers Network. Each state has their individual forum area. On the American Preppers ‘Board Index’ page are forums dedicated to General Preparedness Topics:
    Food & Water
    Emergency Communications
    Health & Medicine

    Under each of these main topics are sub-topics to divide the subject further.
    If you are looking for information or have a general question about preparedness I suggest you post it on the American Preppers Page. This way you will get the maximum number of responses from national members.
    It is not a mistake to post the inquiry on the Georgia Preppers page, but if you are looking for maximum input or information on your query posting on the APN page will give that result.

    If you are looking for information that may be ‘state’ specific, such as “Where can I purchase Heirloom corn seed in the Douglasville area?” then posting on the Georgia Preppers Forum area will give you better results.

    Now for a discussion on the Georgia Preppers Forum Page

    Check In Here Georgia Preppers area on the Forum:

    The first post under this area shows the counties of Georgia in each of the 12 Regions Georgia has been divided into. It has been made a ‘sticky post’ so that it remains at the top of that forum always. We encourage members to look at this list, add your Region number to your signature line on your posts. By doing this, members in your Region can find you and you can find them. Also for the Regions that have volunteer Leaders you can see their name, contact them for any activities specific to that individual Region or to offer assistance or ask for help.

    This forum section is where you will see the weekly Roll Call for all members of the Georgia Preppers. By posting on this Roll Call you are just letting the membership know you are ok. If you have done any preps that you would like to share with members to encourage them, please do so. At times members will share if they have had an especially productive week in the prepping area of their lives.
    Example: “Finally was able to purchase my Berkley Water Purifier for our family.”

    General Georgia Discussions area on the Forum:

    The ‘sticky post’ at the top is a list of links to all sorts of preparedness stores, websites and such.

    Any type post can go hear: a news story of interest to Ga folks; a sale on beef at the local Kroger’s; a member needing help with building a chicken coop, ect.

    Georgia Meetups area on the Forum

    This area contains the master Calendar of Events for the State of Georgia for the year.
    Individual Regions may also post activities specific to their Region here as well.
    Basically this area will be for the announcement of any type of scheduled meeting between members.
    Monthly meeting information as well as LDS Cannery trips will be posted here.

    Georgia News and Weather area on the forum
    Georgia Politics

    News and Weather specific to the state of Georgia.
    Political comments specific to the state of Georgia.

    Georgia ANTS area on the forum

    The ANTS group is a separate organization from GPN but works in harmony to our goals. If there is a disaster in one area of Georgia, such as a tornado in North Ga or a hurricane evacuation on the south east coast of Georgia, this area can be used for discussion to co-ordinate the transport of supplies for relief to that member living in the disaster area that requested them.
    Example: Medic 72 in Region 12 must evacuate his family due to an impending hurricane. A member/friend who lives inland offers the use of their RV for the family to stay in till danger passes.

    Georgia CERT’s area on the forum

    Little use has been made of this area except to announce links to local CERT classes or the mention that someone was attending.

    Georgia Preppers Private Discussions area on the forum

    This is the area to put any messages that you only want GEORGIA members to see. These posts are not automatically fed over to the American Preppers Forum area. Not that these posts are secret, but just of interest to Georgia members only.
    We also have separate forum areas set up for the most active Regions outside of the Metro Atlanta area: as of now specific forums for Regions 1, 2, 6 and 12. I will be asking the owner of APN to create others as the traffic requires.

    Georgia Sanctuary (By Invitation Only) area on the forum

    This area was originally created for a few members who were discussing purchasing group land together and did not want to go ‘off board’ and create a Yahoo group or such. It is hard enough to keep abreast of all the activity and information here. 
    This topic of conversation no longer exists and this area is now used for Regional Leaders to discuss state activities. So don’t think you are out of the loop…lol.

    I hope this helps new members understand how the forums are organized better.


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