Vacuum Sealing Oatmeal

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    First of all, if this has been covered, and I missed it in my search, please forgive me. Just overlook the noob thing. 😉

    I have made several vacuum sealed packets of quick cook oatmeal breakfasts, that are all inclusive. All I have to do is add to boiling water for one minute and serve. I know whole grains keep longer, but I am looking at an easy, less fuel used type breakfast, which is why I used one minute oatmeal. Here is the recipe, how I vacuum sealed, and my questions (since after a lot of reading I am unsure of if I went about this properly and don’t want to find out the hard way by serving my family food with something like botulism spores in it.)

    Recipe for one bag:

    1 cup One Minute Oatmeal
    2/3 cup powdered milk
    2 T Brown Sugar
    2 T dried fruit, chopped
    pinch salt

    Contents to be boiled for one minute in two cups of water. Serves two.

    Preparation method: Sealed in plastic vacuum sealed bags with an oxygen absorber in each bag. 2-3 of these bags are sealed together in a larger plastic vacuum sealed bag for double layer sealing.

    First of all, I have read that botulism can grow in grains even if vacuum sealed, and in another area read that it prefers an environment with less oxygen. I thought the reverse was true. So will my oatmeal keep by packaging this way? If so, how long do those of you with experience in vacuum sealing think it will keep? (For the record, I learned to can when I was a little girl, but the only vacuum sealing I have done is for short term things in the freezer. These packets are for room temperature storage in a large tote bin.)

    The other question I have is I have read mylar is better at long term storage. Should I use mylar bags instead? If so, would you repackage removing oatmeal from plastic vacuum sealed bags currently in and starting over with mylar? Or do you think I could package what I already have by just putting the plastic vacuum sealed bags inside mylar bags and then sealing?

    I do not have any experience with grains, so any advice is appreciated.

    oh, on a side note, I did bags of beans, and bags of rice sealed the same way. I bought bulk and stored in smaller quantities, double sealing with an oxygen absorber in each small bag.

    Thanks for any assistance and advice.

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