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    I didn’t see a thread for this. If there is one, please feel free to move this post!

    I’ve always had our Emergency First Aid bags in our cars and limited other stuff. I’m in the process of pulling together a good solid 72 hour kit for all of our vehicles: FOUR kits :blink: I’m using Survival Moms list as my base and adding a few things:” onclick=”;return false;

    I’m putting just about everything into individually labeled plastic ziploc bags (that way if anything gets used or taken out, I’ll know what’s missing quickly). I’m using BIG ziplock storage-sized bags (from the dollar store for each category: Personal Care, Food/Drinks,Emergency, Misc). Each big storage bag also has the name of whose vehicle it goes to. Then those bags are going into tubs that will be kept in the vehicles.

    My concern is the food stuff. Vehicles get H*O*T! Most power bars have chocolate coatings. So, I’m looking for those that do not. We’ve been taught to keep our food stuff in cool, dry, dark places for longevity and safety. Anyone have any suggestions based on what they may have stored in their vehicles for say …. a year … before they rotate the foods out? I’m also looking at hard candy, dried fruit, canned/lunch box size fruit, crackers, granola bars.

    I found ready-to-eat minute rice, at the grocery store today:” onclick=”;return false;

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