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    Hello, Colorado!

    I’m flying to Denver from Richmond, VA, in a few weeks to visit a non-prepper friend. I’m not checking any luggage so won’t be able to have all my usual preps with me, which has me a little bit nervous. Chances are slim to none that something major will happen on the one weekend I’m away from home and husband, but just in case, I’m trying to figure out what I would do if I were stranded in Colorado. I’ve been trying for a long time to get this particular friend to prep, but I have a feeling that she really hasn’t gotten started (she recognizes the need, but isn’t fully awake enough to actually do something about it), so at best she has three days’ worth of supplies.

    So basically, if something were to happen (EMP, war, Godzillas attacking every major city in the U.S. simultaneously, etc), I would be almost totally screwed. Any thoughts, tips, suggestions on things I can take with me on a plane (can’t bring my firearm as I’m not checking any luggage)? Should I purchase things while I’m there and leave them with my friend as a gift?

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