Water Rams and Solar Generators

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    Hi All,
    I ran across a very useful bit of information for those who want their shelter to be more self-sufficient. I have not seen any info about it on this forum, so I thought I would share it here. It is called a Water Ram. It delivers water uphill to your shelter without the need for electricity of any kind. Obviously, it will not work for everyone here, but I’m sure it will be beneficial to some, so I think it is worth posting. It is rather simple and you can build it yourself for about $120.00 in parts that can be found at any hardware store. Here’s the web address:


    There are several more links at the bottom of the first page for other water ram info sites.

    I would also like to find out if anyone has any experience with “Solutions From Science” solar generators. Here’s the web address:


    Their claims sound good, but I don’t know enough about this subject to be able to make an intelligent decision without the assistance of those who’ve “been there, done that”. It has a pretty steep price tag of about $1700 and I just can’t afford to lose that much out of my prepping funds if this is a scam or just a bad product or even an under-performing product. They also have a link at the bottom of the home page for the deluxe model that provides four times as much power at a price tag of about $4000.00.

    Thanks in advance for any info you may be able to provide. Mark

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