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    Thank you Tom for your welcome letter and letting us know something about you.

    I want to take the time to give you all a short overview of myself.
    The name here is John and the call sign is N2NEP.
    I am ex military with specialized training in communications and counter surveillance / nuclear survival. That was a time where I was about 90lbs lighter and 40 years younger lol…I need to do some exercise me thinks.

    I am a ham operator since 1975 and actually got my license because it was either getting it or going to jail for unlicensed broadcasting on the FM and shortwave radio bands (during cold war times in Europe). If I have time I will write the story how I became a ham operator for your amusement.
    I am an electrical engineer with several patents in power amplifier design, inductive heating and semiconductor processing. During the years I have traveled the globe many a times being in many so called exotic countries. I have worked as a specialist in RF distribution, RF matching, and communications. I have designed and installed AM and FM radio stations and most recent I am the station manager / chief engineer for a local TV station.
    My special interest is VHF UHF communications and I am trying to push the limits of weak signal communications. I am designing a lot of my own weak signal peripheral equipment and have plans to build the ultimate weak signal vhf transceiver.
    I am a prepper..within reason as I do understand that if the shit hits the fan in a catastrophic way the place I am residing now will be a detriment to stay at. I am planning to be as flexible as I can and also planning to eventually move back out west. I used to live in Wyoming and just love this part of the country but my wife’s (K2ZQ) failing health has forced us to move back to the east where she can get the medical attention she needs.
    My wife unfortunately is not a prepper she is about as liberal as they come and considers everyone who leans toward the right as living in the past and backwards to say it mildly lol…we do NOT talk about politics at home. Oh she does not mind the full (very full) pantry, she sees the needs of that, it comes in handy if there are 25 inches of snow outside…but that’s how far she gets it. Every other preparation I am doing I am on my own and lucky, she does not care what I am doing in the basement in my ”mad scientist lab as she calls it. A place that is stuck full with test equipment where I spend a lot of my time prepping for a time where I have to possible leave all of this behind and have to do with a lot less. I am experimenting with emergency transmitters, receivers, antennas, ever build an antenna out of barb wire? An interesting experience to say at least. I just loved the blue sparks at the ends at high power lol. I am experimenting what wire is the best to use in a real emergency and the results are quite interesting. I hope we can get some technical topics that relate to emergency and survival communications.

    Be save and prepare


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