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    Welcome To Disaster Camp – Part of the NC,SC,GA three state meet up this fall Sept 14,15,16; other states are welcome as well.

    The s just htf and you have made it to your group bug out location where you will have to use those prepping skills that you have been talking about.

    If you decide to travel along the disaster camp trail you will find a variety of stations that will give you a task to complete. You can use your BOB or the items provided at the stations.

    A raffle ticket will be given to every one who completes all of the stations. The winner will get a disaster camp prize.

    As you enter the first disaster camp station, you are faced with the reality of what you have just been through. You were able to escape death by moving out of harms way, but now you must choose to move forward or sit and wait for the government to come and help.

    What will you do?

    Disaster Camp is sponsored by A.N.T.S americansnetworkingtosurvive.org

    If you would like to share your survival knowledge I invite you do create a station along the disaster camp trail:

    To create a station, just email me with with the subject “Disaster Camp” and let me know what type of station that you will be creating, so that we do not duplicate each other efforts.

    Here are a few ideas for a station, but it can be anything you choose.

    Water purification/Filtration
    Survival Cache
    Fire Starting

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