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    Hey all,

    I am going to try and gauge what kind of reception a monthly meet would receive at this range. There is no usage fee, though they take, and I often leave donations. It is a nice, quite range with a skeet, and pistol area as well as a covered rifle portion. I would like to try and schedule these meets during the last weekend of the month, but whatever wins out, wins out. I would like this to be an informal event for regional folks to gather, and have a fun few hours of putting lead on target.

    What do you all think?

    The description/directions is posted below.

    West Side Sighting-In Range

    With eight covered benches Westside sighting-in range provides shooting lanes of various length. The range is located on FDR 151, about one mile north of the junction of FDR 151 and Route 33. The turnoff is about one mile east of the Brandywine Lake Recreation Area in West Virginia. Moving targets, glass and metal targets are prohibited. Shooters must provide their own targets and are asked to keep the range clean of litter by taking away all target materials with them. The range is open year-round, weather permitting. (North River Ranger District 540-432-0187)

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