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    Check in here Mountaineers.

    Did your preps see you thru the snow storm? I know ours did. We didn’t have to worry about being without anything. We were snug, warm, and well fed as the winds howled and the snow fell 2 inches and hour! All the critters were snug in their boxes with straw and they were well fed also.

    We wish you a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.


    I thought that the recent snow(s) we had were a blast!! We had plenty of everything and didn’t need to go to the store until AFTER we dug ourselves out and RECOVERED from the digging out!!! 😆 Need to remember that we’re not as young as we used to be!!! 🙄 When I went to the store after the roads cleared, I was surprised that they were out of hamburger, milk and potato chips!!! There wasn’t a snack to be seen in the whole place!!! 😯

    We just moved into our house in August and we NEED to get some alternative energy sources. The whole dang place is electric, which means we’d be in a world of hurt if the power goes out. We’re thinking about solar panels, since the back of our home is South-facing. I also want to get a better BBQ (other than the small Hibatchi grill) and a couple of Coleman Camp Stoves, as $$$ permits. All in good time, just hope we have ENOUGH time to implement before TSHTF!! In the meantime, we’ll keep on keeping on and hope for the best. ❗



    Yea. I understand the digging out part! LOL We use a pellet stove as our main source of heat. We also have a generator direct wired to the house to run the front half of the house and the well for water. We have a wood stove packed away to use if we have to if shtf and we had no electric or fuel for the genny. I have oil lamps and some oil. I need to add more for those this coming year. I always have a gas stove where ever we’ve lived. You just need to use a match to get it lit. In a long term shtf scenario, I plan on using a fire pit for cooking and also solar cookers and ovens. I keep checking craig’s list for an old fashioned cookstove for us to use, but not having any luck yet. We’re looking into the solar panels also. Maybe just to run some things like the pellet stove, the computer and to heat water which is a power eater imo. We already have a small panel powering the battery for the gate opener and one to keep the battery charged for the genny ( it’s electric start).
    We have 2 camp stoves that we use when we camp so we have those to use. I have a nice gas grill too. I’d like to get some more cylinders to have as extras.
    We were lucky that the power didn’t go out this time.
    It was nice going to the grocery store and only having to top off a few things.


    Unfortunately, when the house was built, they didn’t give us the option of a gas stove. 🙁 IF the world lasts long enough, we’re planning on building our “Dream Home” in about 5 years….Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!! ❗ THEN I’ll be able to put in a proper pantry and alternate energy stuff!! Been designing and planning for YEARS!!

    Have you tried looking in antique stores for your old stove??? I have seen many old wood stoves in off-the-wall antique places. Also, have you gone to http://www.lehmans.com” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false ? It’s a GREAT place for non-electric stuff, mostly intended for use by the Amish.

    I have heard, but have no personal experience, that the new tankless hot water heaters are GREAT and very energy efficient. I’ll be keeping a close eye on these in the coming years. Hot water is a MUST HAVE as far as I am concerned!!! ❗

    I lost EVERYTHING in a bad marriage and it has taken YEARS to begin to recover. Now I am happier than I have ever been and have found the love of my life!!! 😀 Richard and I have KNOWN each other for 37 years and dated in High School. We just recently got together again at our 35th HS Reunion!! Some things seem meant to be and life is GOOD!!! So now I have more of a REASON to prep!! 😉


    I’ve seen the Lehmans. I’d rather not pay thousands for the stove! LOL I’m scanning different sites trying to find the best price for the lamp oil. I did find some extra wicks at my local hardware store but they were out of the oil. The next time I head north, I’ll have to check out the hardware store in that town. There are 2. One on each side of town, so I may have better luck. And I like shopping “local” to help the economy in the area.

    If it comes down to it I can always heat the water on the stove ( been there done that!). It’s how I do it when we camp lol

    Glad to see that you’ve found your mate. Sometimes it just takes a while. Live and Learn lol


    Newbie to the forum here but not to prepping ,i was a survivalist back when it wasnt cool..living in huntington WV right now.


    Well, hey! glad ya joined. if you come across something in the WV news please post it. I don’t know all the newspapers, only a couple. I’ve been checking to see if anything is going on in the Legislature, but they have so many little bills and such, that you have to wade thru a lot of junk.


    Hello from Fayette Co., I am sure glad I found this site. I hope I can be an asset to the group.


    Hello everyone. From Pleasants County here. I just found this site and forum. Looks really interesting!!! Looking forward to getting to know you all


    welcome.. From moundsville wv here.. I have just joined this site, lots of good info. again glad your here…


    Howdy Ya’ll! Mason County here. Not far from Point Pleasant!

    New to this forum but not exactly new to preppin’

    I’m also a Moderator over on WVSportsman.net we have a little S&P board there. We try to keep up on all the outdoors news and such in WV.

    Here’s a link to it it’s mostly an outdoors type of forum! http://wvsportsman.net/smf/index.php



    Roane County here
    new member


    The voices may not be real but they do have some good ideas~


    Glad to have found the preppers network. Im checkin in from Taylor Co. I’ve got 3 more posts before Im able to sign up with my state of Almost Heaven WV!


    Yay! We have more than just a couple now. We have a few! LOL LOL

    IMO, I think theres a large amount of WVians that do prep, we just don’t feel the need to talk about it. 😉

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