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    I suspect it’s just because these forums are still new, but every wilderness survival forum I’ve ever been on had this thread or one like it, so I’ll be that guy and start it up —

    What are your top 3 carry items for a wilderness survival situation, how do you carry them, and why did you choose those items specifically?

    Mine are:

    Mora 860mg – I like the feel and I trust the name. Can’t beat this quality for $12.
    Light My Fire Army Model firesteel – more dependable than a lighter and starts more fires too. I’ve tried a lot of different firestarters, but I like this one the best. Nice shower of sparks, not bulky, very dependable.
    Stainless Steel 34oz water bottle (Nalgene style) – useful for drinking, cooking, and boiling water as well. Guyot Designs made mine, but there are others available.

    I’m actually planning an excursion this Spring with not much more than those three things. I’ll probably add in a lightweight tarp and some jerky or biltong, and my knife sheath has some extras with it (see this post http://wp.me/px1fj-ez.

    It’s not that I ever plan to be caught without more gear than that (if my car is nearby, I’m set for at least 72 hours), but I like the confidence of knowing I could get by with just this if I needed to. Eventually I want to go out with nothing but the knife and make it for 72 hours. Some day, maybe, I can figure out how to make flint blades and leave the knife at home too. We’ll see.

    I usually carry the water bottle in a MOLLE carrier that I’ve rigged with a shoulder sling. The knife and firesteel are always around my neck.

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