What have you planted? What new seeds are you trying?

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    Hello Illinoisans! So far everybody in our state has had the opportunity to plant something, even if it’s only cold weather seeds. I’m wondering what people have put in and what new things you’re going to try this year…..(You can comment even if you’re not from IL!!!)

    I’ve put in peas, snap peas, spinach, and carrots. The peas are just starting to poke their heads out, but I haven’t seen anything else starting. I’ve got tomato and green pepper seedlings in the basement. More seeds will be started this week or next. I’ll also be hardening off my tomato seeds this week to put them in early using milk jugs as individual ‘greenhouses’, per NM Preppers instructions. I’m excited about this and hope that the plants do well this way!!

    As far as new seeds go: I’m still trying to find favorite heirloom seeds so I’m trying a ‘Mortgage Lifter’ tomato and a ‘Lemon’ cuke (which looks like a lemon!). I hope they work out well. Last year’s heirloom tomato (Mr. Stripey) was a TOTAL bust! 😯 I’m giving a new hybrid watermelon a try because it says it has 3-4 ft. vines! It’s called ‘Bush Sugar Baby’. I’m also planning on starting some herbs-probably just oregano and basil-because I haven’t done much herb growing before besides mints.

    Other than that, I’m putting in my usuals in regards to squashes, cukes, beans, corn, etc. I JUST LOVE GARDENING PLANTING SEASON!!!!! :clap:

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