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    I know the kids are supposed to get gifts for Easter, well candy really, but my family does small gifts. Anyway, my kids got gifts – outdoor toys. But that’s not what this thread is about. My father in law gave ME an Easter present. You can see it here
    http://www.ultimatesuburbansurvivalist.com/” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false;

    It’s my first survival book 🙂 It’s more of a how to survive in an urban/suburban setting. Not living off the land kinda stuff, but how to make the most of what you have and what you should have on hand. It’s kinda like a book for turning sheeple into people who are prepared for the baseline. I needed this because even with all I have been doing, it’s not enough. So now I have a hard copy of what I could and should be doing. As I read it I will be implementing it to the best of my ability. First up – the BOB! 🙂
    Awesome gift 🙂
    Please share if you got something for Easter (or if you bought yourself something 😉 )

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