Whats in your Wallet? I mean Medical Supply Kit

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    Just looking to see who has other ideas to what I have assembled so that I can make a more complete kit.

    Field medical kit includes Suture Needles and stitch, hemostats, #10 scalpel, tweezers etc etc as well as pocket reference guides to suturing
    Sealed sterile sutured kits single use 12 per person in my family
    Sterie strips, butterflys, band aids of all shape and size
    Alcohol wipes and qtips for sterilization
    Bromide and iodine qtips for sterilization
    Four plastic clamps
    surgical and respirtory masks
    ace bandages
    medical tape
    splints and slings
    pen lights
    ammonia inhalants
    5 surgial stapel guns with 25 staples each in sterlie sealed pouches
    5 surgical stapel removal devices in sterile sealed pouches
    10 sterile sealed dressing changes kits
    latex gloves galore
    burn creams including for sunburns
    antibiotic ointments
    a&d ointments
    Pepto, benedryl, emergenC, vasoline, cough drops, chapstick, 20 or so bottles each of rubbing alcohol and hydroperoxide, ibuprofen, asprin, acetometephine, etc etc.

    I know I am missing something in my memory bank right now, but……..looking for any ideas I have missed here.

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