When to bug out?

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    Another thread got me thinking. What situations, if any, would make you decide to go to your bug out location? I suppose in my case, it would be:

    1 – civil unrest to the point where we’re no longer safe in town.
    2 – fuel prices are going to make me get while I still can.
    3 – services are shut down so that I just as soon be ‘out there’ without power and water as be in town without power and water, and angry people
    4 – inflation so that I can no longer afford food, and would need my garden, which is ‘out there’
    5 – school and work are shut down because of infrastructure failure, so no use staying in town.

    What are the things that would make you go?

    I understand not everybody has a bugout location. But I’m trying to determine the right time for those that do have one. Indecision could be a very bad thing, and it would help if we could be timely and decisive about such a decision.

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