Where are all of you hiding?

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    Where are all of the Utah Preppers? You guys have the most dense population of Preppers in the world, scratch that, there are more skilled Preppers in Utah then any other country in the world including the US minus Utah. You guys have such skills to pass along. Why is this state board empty? It should be chuck full. Join up and teach us a thing or two, or are we more advanced then I thought? 😯 Ya know, I was at a site once and people planned on going to Utah, because you guys are storing so much food and water. :rofl: I lived there for a year, I know what will happen to them. 😀

    So I challenge you Skilled Utah Preppers to come on in and start teaching us a thing or two.

    And for those of you that have joined us and passed on your great prepping knowledge, thank you. And start building your state board to attracted more like you!

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