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    How’s it going all. I am a new member on the board, but I did not think that there should be zero posts in the Military Veterans thread. So I started this one.

    I was in Panama from 1984-86, Ft. Kobbe
    in North Carolina from 1986-88, Ft. Bragg
    in California from 1989-90, Monterey bay
    in Arizona for a few months in 90, Ft. Huachuca
    back to Ft. Bragg for a couple of months,
    than over to the sand box in Aug 1990
    back to Ft. Bragg until 2004
    one year of reserve until I took some time off for a stay overseas,
    three years with a NG unit in Lawton, Ok from 1997 to 2000
    Reserve unit outside philly, pa from 2001 until 2007, with a little stint back over to the sand box in 2003-2004

    Lot of fun, lots of memories

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