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    DH and I are trying to decide which major item to acquire next. I’d appreciate any suggestions as to which item you think is most important. Let me preface this by saying we already have our basic firearm(s) – so all you gun guys can take a breath. We’re looking in the $100-500 range. Anything under $100 falls into our regular budget and is prioritized on a month by month basis – but these big purchases are so hard to nail down. Also if you know a source that carries these items for less I’d love to hear about it. My prices are through emergency essentials.

    Here is our list:
    1. Mr Heater Big Buddy Propane Heater with extension hose. $139.95
    2. Wonder Mill Jr. $219.95
    3. Large Pressure canner (925 All American) 234.95
    4. Volcano multi-fuel stove with propane kit – $137.95

    We live in a cold climate and do not have room for a wood stove in our existing home. When the power goes out I have to boil water on the gas stove to keep the house warm. This method will heat just under 400 sq feet to a comfortable temperature. It works well but a good prepper would find a better way (or maybe just pat herself on the back for being so ingenious) :mrgreen:
    I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to the wonder mill or pressure canner and I’m leaning towards the mill as it doesn’t require any additional equipment, whereas the pressure cooker requires me to buy jars, etc as well. I have a small supply of jars set aside already but not enough to consistently use the canner right now.

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