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    Hi all I am a retired Nuclear med tec, I was an old time farm wife prepper with a years worth of food stored every fall from an acre truck garden, then I got divorced, with 4 kids, had to leave the farm, Went to college and was forced to live in an urbin area because my job included LOTS of call.No space no time and life took me away from prepping and the prepper mentality. Catrina was my wake up call, what was I thinking. Now, after a major injury, 4 back surgieries and becoming disabled I am trying to prep some every week. I am interested in hyrophonics ( Phalen and Scifichick I’m Linda Sorden from blog talk the other night.) When my husband retires ( a correctional officer on a sex offender unit) we will be looking for a little spot in the deep country that will have us. The kids are grown and not prepping, they keep telling me they will know where to go if they get hungry, sheesh now I am prepping for 14 instead of 2. Talk about pressure!…..better go get something in the dehydrator….Nice to find you all I am having a blast here. :thumbsup:

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