Who’s on the other end???

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    I’ve never posted in this forum, because every time I notice it, I wonder to myself, “Who will they be talking to?”

    So now I’m asking: major SHTF situation, who do you expect to be on the air? Just curious. 🙂


    In general, radio communications will only work if it has planned and practiced. There are several general categories of radio comms, but for most people, they need to be able to talk to others in their group, for short distances (a mile or two) and they need to be able to gather information about the world beyond their line of site.

    For gathering information, a prepper group should have (at least one of these, among their members) a scanner and a SW radio. AM/FM may also be useful. It would be advisable to spend an hour, maybe once a month, practicing listening to them so that you know how to use them and what to listen for. Many stations on SW are going to digital, which requires a computer and some knowledge of how to use the software (which can be had for free)

    For communications among members of their group, every group is going to be different, and what kind of radios they need will depend on their particular situation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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