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    Preparation for emergencies is preparing for ANYTHING that can affect the NORMAL ROUTINE in your DAILY LIFE. I have been promoting emergency home preparation for the past several years and have attended many national Emergency Management conferences. This is not a concern due to ‘Paranoia aka a “paranoid power trip”‘, ‘Christian Hype’, ‘Extremism’ and a sundry of other excuses that many have often referred to. Emergency Managers and Emergency agencies are aware of the many situations that families can find them selves from something as ‘simple’ as a loss of jobs to an extreme situation from weather, disaster or terrorism. The scale of emergencies is wide.

    The people who refer to themselves as ‘Preppers’ have looked at current world and weather events, evaluated the risk at hand (given our ‘just in time’ supply for daily goods and taken the advice of the agencies to prepared.

    Preparation can be as simple as 2-weeks of supplies in hand (IN ADDITION to what is currently in your household) or you can prepare for the extended lengths of time that others have mentioned in these posts. Preparation should be what you can afford and what you feel comfortable with, knowing that what preparations you HAVE made can only help your family, when you find yourself in need.

    Homeland Security, FEMA and the American Red Cross have ALL been advocating home preparedness in more recent years, with programs like the ‘Be Ready’ campaign. They have openly suggested that households prepare from 3 days to 2 weeks AT THE MINIMUM. If they suggested anything further it would turn people off even considering emergency home preparation because they would be overwhelmed at the mere thought of preparation. Unfortunately, their message has been a relatively quiet one, so many folks may have missed it. See American Red Cross/FEMA: Food and Water in an Emergency http://www.fema.gov/pdf/library/f&web.pdf (page 4) See Homeland Security (Ready.gov): Get a Kit

    And if you think that in a significant disaster/emergency there WILL be goods in stores, the American Trucking Industry has advised that there will NOT be sufficient supplies WITHIN 24 HOURS! See: ‘When Trucks Stop America Stops’ http://www.truckline.com/Newsroom/Trucks%20Are/When%20Trucks%20Stop%20America%20Stops.pdf .

    If you are taking the time to visit American Preppers Network and are realizing that this may be a venture that you want to undertake in your own home, you can also visit sites like http://www.EmergencyHomePreparation.org, http://www.thesurvivalmom.com and other sites to develop your own balanced decision on emergency home preparation for ALL hazards that can affect your lifestyle.

    Additonal Consideration: Watch this video: [youtube:2arlfv1z]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V1N-ajBP9o[/youtube:2arlfv1z]

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