Why store?

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    Just throwing out some thoughts….

    I don’t often see economic reasons for storing long term. Short term yes, buy on sale, can your own etc. Great ways to save dollars but what about 20/30 years from now? How much will food cost even without anything bad happening?

    How about for retirement? I keep seeing articles that the government is trying to find a way to put a tax on retirement savings such as IRA and 401K. You try and play by the rules and save for the future and BAM they want to take some away.
    No one wants to be old, poor and eating cat food in the future. If you store food I don’t know how they could tax it.

    I am thinking this may be a reason some folks could offer to a spouse as a reason to store, price insurance, old age savings. When saving it’s always a good idea to not have all your eggs in 1 basket. Who knows what my IRA will be in the future and I can’t eat my IRA.

    Any thoughts?

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