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    Wine is easy to make. All you need is 2 or 3 large plastic jugs, some fruit juice, a little yeast, sugar and some water. When you buy wine it is usually red or white. The color depends on whether it is red grapes or white grapes. Grapes have been used in making wine for thousands of years. People used to drink wine like water. That was because the water was bad in most cases.
    Grapes have an enzyme that really kicks the fermentation process up a notch or two. Grapes are the best fruit to use. Some fruit is good and some is bad. I made a batch of watermelon wine that never fermented, it just kinda of rotted. It wasn’t fit to drink or sip.
    I made a batch of lemon juice wine one time that was as yellow as it could be. It was clear and yellow to the tenth degree. I used about 3/4 lemon juice and 1/4 white grape juice. The lemon juice gave the wine it’s color and the white grape juice provided the similar color and enzyme to ferment.
    I used to make 9 gallons at a time. I got it down pat. I haven’t made any in years but I still remember how. I bet I made enough wine to float a ship. I will post the recipe and method again later. I will get back to you but right now I have to take a breather.

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