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    Hello all,

    I’m new to this site and I was hoping to meet some people in my area that prep and might be willing to work together and be friends. I am originally from Louisiana and I joined the Army after college. Towards the end of my military career I was sent to Fort Belvoir near Washington DC. After it was over I just stayed in the area. As I lived here I’ve slowly moved further South for room issues as well as cost of living and my clear hate of cluttered cities. I started out in an apartment in Alexandria, Ironically the same city from the walking dead. Then I moved down to Lorton and finally to Woodbridge. I hope to move again to a location near Stafford and or Fredericksburg as soon as I get my finances in order, so that I can get into a single family home and be further away from the slow spread of dc and its massive population and crime. I was a hunter when I lived in Louisiana and have wanted to return back to that lifestyle again. I hoped to get to know some local preppers and maybe we could protect and help each other. I know meeting a random person for this sort’ve thing is hard and its risky I have lived with keeping my prepping secret for a long time but, I don’t think I could stop a truly concerted effort by a lot of people to take my preps or harm my family. I have only just decided that its worth the risk to try and reach out to others in hope of providing safety to my family and maybe that persons family as well. If anyone out there I am interested in meeting even those that are not really that close, its nice to know that there are others.

    Very Respectfully

    Cajun Prepper

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