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    Another spring of easy-money is dry. More – it will suck back from your pockets cause there are no money – just paper. 🙂
    I thought that your government was a bit wiser. Thought that money could really be invested. But I see it is always the same. Money we are collecting in government pockets are not an investments – these are simply taxes no matter where you live. Taxes in the meaning that you are paying money and you are not supposed to receive anything (taxes are not mutual obligation). :huh: But no one say it loud what directly leads to the point that people who have no other “savings” have nothing when they retire. 😕

    I think that even if we are not struck by nature disasters, or people disorder, that is the point that no one missed. And I find it the most important in my being-prepared-state – thinking about future incomes, diversification of savings, etc.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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