• After breakfast Liam and Dirk unloaded from the back of the Landcruiser a heavy box containing a commercial type food slicer that Dirk had asked him to purchase on the farm’s behalf, and for which he’d sent a Liam cheque. It was actually Rob who wanted the machine and although it would be used for other foods the main reason for its acq…[Read more]

  • The working week had gone by quickly with the evenings from Tuesday to Thursday spent by Liam at his friend’s workshop where he was cutting the iron sheets for the cabin’s roof. Sam had opted to keep out of his way and stay at the flat where she spent some time preparing delicious meals and a lot on reading the books about sel…[Read more]

  • Despite having previously organised not to have to work back for late-night shopping a staff member calling in sick meant that Sam had to stay on until nine p.m. on Thursday, which meant she and Liam would have to drive up to his cabin early Friday morning. Although she was annoyed it was no big deal, Liam had said, provided they left very…[Read more]

  • * * *
    In the evening, after Sam had prepared and they’d both enjoyed one of the best curries that Liam had ever had they discussed the move that Sam wanted to make. Having earlier had a look at the not really dilapidated flat that Ingrid was vacating she felt that a complete repaint, which Liam not surprisingly o…[Read more]

  • Thanks IceFire. Unfortunately I’m only eligible for the Aged Pension though I do have a little in my Super Fund (401K type of thing down here in OZ) and will be able to pay out our mortgage. Perhaps not surprisingly, Vegetable Gardening is going to play a big part in my retirement years! Anyway – On with the story…

    Sitting on the upper…[Read more]

  • I see that I cannot edit anything I’ve written, which is a real pain as I often find mistakes that need correcting.
    BTW, does anybody know of a similar site where I might be able to post my stories? The Air-Force has retired me on medical grounds (trumped up reason I reckon, but that’s another story,) and I’ll have a lot of time to…[Read more]

  • For those who have read The Mulberry Tree you may remember Dirk having met up with his friend Liam, one of his former workmates, who had expressed a vague desire to follow in Dirk’s footsteps. In this short story we catch up with Liam and find out what he’s up to.

    (b) LIAM and SAMIRA (/b)

    Liam stood aside at the…[Read more]

  • Hi Fans,
    Just a small addition to the story. Thanks for the encouragement Cajun, but at the moment I’m only writing for all my followers here – both of you – but perhaps when I retire…. 🙂

    * * *

    When Dirk’s parents returned to the city on the Monday a…[Read more]

  • “You guys’ve done a wonderful job on your cottage, Sally. Seems incredible that you got all this done in such a short time too,” said Uncle Bob as with a can of beer in hand he and a couple of mates sat on plastic chairs that, along with a table the brigade had brought along for the house-warming, were arranged under the pergola of the only-…[Read more]

  • I thought that today’s education of young people plus the necessity for MSM to broadcast the current enormous spate of TV reality shows, sitcoms, soapies, and of course completely unbiased news reports, were derived from the results of that study!

  • Hi fans and casual readers,
    This story is on hold until my other stories are at the point where this one will slot in. (Apart from ‘Sam’s Retirement Plan‘ the stories I’ve written so far are meant to be intertwined.)

  • G’day Mate.

    I have all my stories on file on my laptop – now with backup on a separate hard-drive – so one problem I have with the stories I’ve posted here is that they appear not to have been carried over to the new system in their entirety, and I’m concerned that if I posted additions now there would be a mysterious gap in the stories. For…[Read more]

  • Thanks Bruce,

    That would be much appreciated



  • Finally another installment – Please not that many words that may appear to be mis-spelled are actually correct… if you live in Australia, LOL.

    Arriving at the restaurant ahead of their friends they ordered pre-dinner drinks and had barely taken a sip before Rob and Reb arrived and made their way to the table, with Reb being slightly…[Read more]

  • Clive Harrison had just finished cleaning the lawn mower he’d been using when Sam strolled up the driveway bearing somewhat more than half of the fruitcake that his wife had baked the day before yesterday, and asked him if he thought it was time for morning tea.
    “Actually,” Clive said with a smile, “Naomi called out a moment ago that sh…[Read more]

  • Thank you very much Bruce.

    I’ve slowly been adding parts to several of my stories, however it’s been a long slow process as I haven’t been all that well over the six months or so. (Still in the land of the living though.)

    If all the stories are up to date on the site I can begin posting the extra parts I’ve written. I’ll go through and check…[Read more]

  • “So, how was the trip?” asked Bron, after the guys had parked and unloaded the van when they returned.
    “Went really well, Hon. Had no problems with the van, caught a few fish, and only had a couple of beers…. ‘Though we did manage to polish off a large bottle of Bundy.”
    “Really? I thought you weren’t particularly keen on rum,” said L…[Read more]

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