• mmpaints, I’m glad to know it’s just not me. I haven’t looked into the solar panels yet. I guess it’s because we have such cloudy weather so much of the time. I’m between Seattle and Tacoma, and it’s so gray outside right now that if I see a Townsend Wren I’m ecstatic to see the yellow. And these days, doesn’t everything cost a bit? 🙂

  • Hi there…thanks for everyone’s help, I would love to have a nice bowl of berries right now! Folks need to get used to not having things unless it’s the season for them, or they can be canned, as in the past. I’ve become so used to freezing, but what happens if we lose power for a long time? I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but sometimes I need…[Read more]

  • Slick6, I’m glad your digital wether radio with SAME technology saved your life! I got those radios for my parents, my in-laws, and my sister last year for Christmas. We had one and I wanted to help our families. I have also given 72-hr emergency kits, including one for all their cars. I don’t expect everyone to understand it and I hope they are…[Read more]

  • A mummy’s butt, huh? I know you aren’t commenting on my age, but… 🙂 What would we do without Ziplock bags?

  • Thank you Bruce! I went to the Totally Tomatoes website as soon as I read your note and ordered my catalog, along with a few others! I know computers are great, but there’s nothing like looking at a paper seed or flower catalog! IceFire, thank you also for telling me about Pinetree Garden Seeds. Just looking at your list of seeds made me want to…[Read more]

  • Hi Bruce. This is going to be a great subject!

    We live near Seattle and organic gardening is my passion, as well as feeding all the birds from everywhere. I would love to hear everyone’s suggestions about tomato varieties. This year as usual our plants were absolutely HUGE, but no matter what we grow, the fruit just doesn’t have the flavor we…[Read more]

  • @IceFire wrote:

    That way, you are constantly using and replenishing your stores so you don’t have to worry about “outdated” food.

    I always wonder when I hear that someone has so many cans of an item for storage. If it isn’t rotated. couldn’t you end up with a lot of expired cans? I am persistent in looking at the can dates for food my elderly…[Read more]

  • Do you suggest trying a sample of each seed to see it it’s sproutable, such as placing a seed between two damp paper towels? Once you do this, how do you prevent the seeds from sprouting until you want them to? I would think keeping the seed perfectly dry would be good. How do you store your seeds?

  • My grandparents lived near Port Townsend, WA and had a huge garden. I remember the strawberries most of all. 😉 Oh what I would give to have been older at that time. I would ask him so many questions.

    My grandpa always dug a huge hole near his garden and stored all sorts of root vegetables that way. My mom, who is 86, remembers one of her jobs…[Read more]

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