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    When you look for an insurance agent in your area, the chances are good that the only information you have about him is that he is an insurance agent. A good insurance agent also advertises, insurance broker solicits, sells, or bargains insurance for a fee. If your agent asks you for a fee before he or she does anything, it is not advisable to deal with them because the chances are great that they will charge you a lot of money for something you did not do. You should know what an insurance agent can and cannot do. This knowledge may give you the upper hand in negotiating your rates.One thing that insurance agents cannot legally do is to lie to you about the cost of your coverage. If your agent tries to make you believe that the cost of your coverage will be different than it actually will, it is probably best that you do not deal with him or her. Insurance companies are required by law to disclose the rates of their policies. If they do not give you this information, it is up to you to ask them for it, but be aware that if you have to insist, there may be consequences to your asking them. Some insurance companies do not provide this information for free, but if they do, you can get some of the information you need from another source. You will still be able to save money with other people’s coverage, so it may be worth a little extra expense.Before you deal with an insurance agent, it is important for you to find out everything you can about the insurance company that you are going to do business with. Find out what insurance they offer, their rating by the Better Business Bureau, and the number of claims they have filed against them. Also make sure you know if the company has had any complaints filed against it. When you deal with insurance agents, it is important for you to know what they do not do. Ask the agent how much insurance they will give you for your vehicle if you have no insurance. They should not offer you the bare minimum. They should only sell you enough coverage to pay for the damages to your car and the medical bills if you get into an accident.

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