• Well my friends it’s been a long time since I posted on this forum. I hope you will forgive my absence. I was diagnosed a year ago with a rather virulent tumour on oy larynx. My regular physician responded to two years of my complaints and inquiry with antibiotics and steroids sending me home with something new and a pat on the head for over two…[Read more]

  • Professors Hanfkopf and LaPuta noted social psychologists of the Department of Psychology and Human Behavior at Moonbatt University in New York wanted to study attitudes of the children or Preppers contrasted with normal children from the general population. Their goal was to prove that the Prepper children were as everyone knew, maladjusted and…[Read more]

  • OK Then I’m back after the major change in the APN Forum I sat out for a time as I was unsure how to navigate it, not sure that I “liked” it and found a lot of what seemed to be posted in my opinion “sub-optimal”. Note that the word opinion is, as I have pointed out before one fraught with peril. I am not omnipotent, nor free from bias. I also am…[Read more]

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