Dream Spinner

  • Here’s another place that’ll help ya make instant Avatars of photos on your HDD… in thumbnail sizes acceptable on most online MBs. make yur own & save it in an avatar folder on your HDD. They’re like potato chips – You CAN’T just DO ONE!!! Enjoy ROFLBOT.com!
    http://wigflip.com/roflbot/” onclick=”window.open(this.href);return false HTH – Teri

  • Wow! You Gals are one evermore talented group to say the least!
    My unusual skill group consists of :
    Running a 900 line blind board telephone switchboard – a la “One Ringy Dingy – Two – Ringy Dingy – Headsets – spaghetti pairs of lines et al.
    A First Responder on Volunteer Rescue Squads in my late 20’s . In our own HVAC biz with Honey the last 26…[Read more]

  • @GreenGlove wrote:

    Ah Ha! Another spinner. .

    If / when you’re ready to learn more about handspinning – I’m more than happy to be your shameless Enabler!
    Take a look at my spinning blog & see what I make to help just about anyone who can pinch their thumbs & forefingers together slightly, to spin with the best of them! I can crochet ANYTHING – but -…[Read more]

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