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    Good to see new blood joining up.

  • Still still here!

  • OK, bought some “survival/prepper/TEOTWAWKI” gun books. Most suck. Period. NOT written by survivalists/preppers/back to landers/whatever you want to call yourself. Limited number of guns discussed, limited number of cartridges listed, little to no reloading – period. Limited discussion of pretty much any guns, lots of stuff on other things other…[Read more]

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    Iowa Society of Educated Citizens-

    Every 2nd Sunday of the month, at Gwen’s Rest., in Lisbon, Iowa, just south and east of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Starts at 10am in back room, everyone welcome. We eat at Gwens (so they give us the back room) and have the buffet ($13 – not a huge selection but good food).

  • Well if it is that bad, just living on the property is good. Of course you read of squatters moving in to a place if the owner goes on vacation for a week and then the owner has to go to court to evict them (rather than the faster and simpler shooting them and hauling the bodies to the dumpster across town), spending money and time to get rid of…[Read more]

  • Thanks Cin! I’m getting more help from you than pretty much anyone else. I appreciate that.

  • Thanks for the list/help! That is a lot of what I have been hearing, start a web site and build a following. Some of the authors that have agreed to write already have a web site/blog/following and are willing to open them up to us and promote the new magazine if/when we get it off the ground.

    Writers are not a problem, I know quite a few well…[Read more]

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    Yes lead bullets will function through pretty much any firearm that will work correctly with jacketed bullets.

    Glock has a hex rifling that builds up leading. So fire a jacketed bullet every five rounds through the gun to get rid of leading, or get a regularly rifled after market barrel to use lead bullets.

    You CAN buy cast/swagged lead bullets…[Read more]

  • Sorry, the 2nd Amendment grants you NOTHING! ALL it does is say that you are born with inalienable rights, granted to you by your Creator (God), and that the Gov’t CAN NOT TAKE THEM AWAY FROM YOU! Period. You know, that pesky “RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS” bit.

    Of course the function of gov’t (or demonrats and RINOs anyway) IS to…[Read more]

  • I am not a big fan of 80% kits. First it takes a LOT of time and money to build/complete pretty much any firearm from an 80% kit. 80% kits/receivers often (usually) cost more than a finished receiver and/or completed firearm, you often need some power equipment to finish them (yes I know they CAN be done with a file and hand drill, just try it…[Read more]

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    I agree with TRex2, get GOOD hearing protection! NO ONE like to get their ears blasted and a set of FITTED ear plugs and GOOD electronic ear muffs over them will help to an amazing amount. Now the fools will tell you that you don’t need both. You DO! The muffs cover your ears and keep sound out, the plugs keep bone induction to a minimum and…[Read more]

  • Taurus is a good brand. 99.9% of the people who trash Taurus have never owned or shot one. The .454 Casull can chamber .45 Colt, etc. and they are both easier to find and cheaper to buy. Ruger has put out junk and so has S&W. In my experience (I am a gunsmith) Ruger customer service sucks. I will now here from hundreds who CLAIM Ruger service is…[Read more]

  • OK, listed my email in the post I put up about how to start a magazine in books. Just looked and that is not allowed. How do I change it as I can’t find an edit key for the post?

  • Still here folks! Drop me a PM and let’s talk!

  • OK, here goes. After having written for most of the survivalist magazines (ASG, SURVIALIST, Kurt Saxon’s US MILITIA) and newsletters (Live Free DIRECTIONS, REGION 5 REPORT, Dark Knight SURVIVOR, American Survivalist Assn., few dozen more I can’t think of off hand), I can’t find any GOOD survivalist magazines out there. So I want to start my own…[Read more]

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