• Like many families, our budget is tight. We are following the Dave Ramsey Baby steps, and we want to get in a better place with our preps, but we don’t want to divert too much money from paying off student loans. So I am trying to get creative with what we can do. Today I hit the jackpot, the police department I volunteer for was getting rid of…[Read more]

  • @edea1976 wrote:

    I’d like to recommend the book “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day”. I’ve baked 3 loaves of bread in 3 days and my kids went CRAZY for it. I think anything we can learn to do for ourselves is worth looking into. I’ve also made mozzarella cheese at home.

    This is the recipe/book I use for bread also, and its wonderful. It taste better…[Read more]

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