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    Edible oils – no matter how well you try to store them , they turn rancid with time. Evenmore so with fried foods.
    Once fried -unless they are stored in the freezer and rotated out every 2 months or so – they won’t keep long.
    Fry bread could however keep for a week or so and be refreshed with a sprinkle of water and placed in an oven, or reoiled…[Read more]

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    Gabbyhase wrote:”There is no sence even thinking about fighting a war. The military ( be it ours or NATO ) has Helecopters, Jets, Mistles,tanks and a lot more. They can see in the night, they can see through walls and shoot through them to kill what ever is behind them, their weapons are so advanced there is no way for us to protect our selves..…[Read more]

  • I have been a Beck listened sine the week of 9/11.
    I rarely miss a broadcast. I have watched Glenn evolve. I remember in the old days he was alot funnier
    than he is now( martini music / rolly polly/ and many other comic inserts- I miss those days) – because he sees the intense seriousness of our current national condition.

    I know Glenn does not…[Read more]

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