• PatrioticStabilist posted an update 2 years, 9 months ago

    We need to be vigilant and prep more. I’m reading that Russia and China are working on accumulating tons and tons of gold. We are taking on debt like crazy and the Russians over the last few months have sold 84% of the US bonds they own and converting to gold. Other countries are doing the same, they can then undermine us and go on the gold standard. Right now we are still ok but they said if China and Japan quit buying our bonds we are in deep trouble. If they start selling we could end up with inflation like 3rd world countries. The tax break has lowered tax receipts and if there is another round we are hurting for sue. The interest rates for home loans are moving toward 5% and I can only imagine what credit cards are doing. I would say with the tariffs also that’s adding to the issues. I think our big collapse will be economic. This one scares me could take decades to come back from. With the tariffs for awhile farm products that would have been exported should be cheap but many farmers will be run out of business, soybean prices are down 50%. After they are then like pork when farmers go out of business next there will be shortages and higher prices, in the short term though prices should fall.
    On that note, I’m getting ready to can green tomatoes, and hopefully my tomatoes will start ripening. I want to put up lots of spaghetti sauce, tomatoes, stewed, tomato juice, we use lots of those products. My husband thinks I have too much food stockpiled. I’m trying to use meat and canned items and frozen I’ve had for some time. One freezer has newly frozen foods, I’m working on the next 2 going through them and using the old first. Despite hubs I am still adding to my stocks, he just needs to stay out of my stock up room! LOL! He will sure appreciate the food if we ever have to use it. I sure hope we don’t, would rather it stale date and be pitched then us have no source for new supplies. I have quite a few matches vacuum packed also. Hubs hurt his wrist cracked it and hasn’t been able to life much. We need to get a 100 pound tank of gas, one is empty and need to check my small propane tanks. I used my new All American canner and sure like it. Hope all goes well.

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