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    In talking to a friend and neighbor, he and I have found we have common ground on being very worried with all that is going on politically. He admitted he is scared to death, never seen anything like what is happening now, he is near our age. He is like hubs can make anything from anything and is hubs friend for many a year, so good to find a like minded person. He also has seed stored. So it geared me into some action. I have been thinking of open pollinated, bulk seeds to order and vacuum seal. I finally bought some locally from a source that I know has good germination, the little packages are worthless anymore. From main street seed and supply I just ordered: 1 pound green beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, tomato beefsteak tomatoes, Tomato Ace, Tomato Rutgers, spinach, corn golden bantam, scallop squash, herbs cilantro, parsley, sage, crookneck squash, celery, egg plant, peppers green, golden, orange, walla walla onions, peas, heat tolerant, pumpkin, beets, sweet Spanish onions, cabbage, dill, oregano, thyme, basil. Then bought locally peaches & cream corn, Brunswick cabbage, carrots, radishes, buttercrunch lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers. I will vacuum pack these and put in a sealed bucket. Hope to plant and raise for my garden next year. There are more seeds then I will ever use, but if I get to where I can’t or don’t need them I will give them away later. Sealed good they should be viable for years.

    I need to restock vinegar, check on my salt and sugar stash. I have 20 pounds of popcorn and 50 pounds of wheat. A big issue would be yeast and I’ve never done starter. I am canning now, yesterday used my AA 930 canner, I LOVE it. I did 9 quarts of stewed tomatoes in it and 5 pints, then 5 quarts in my regular canner and 2 jars of water. It’s sprinkling some, so hoping for more tomatoes. I want to do at least another 15 quarts of stewed tomatoes, 30 of juice and 30 to 40 of spaghetti sauce. Hubs said if I don’t have enough we will check in amish country. Most neighbors said their gardens did no good this year, ours only did because hubs had run a water line to his garage and its right by my garden so I was able to easily water this year, no dragging 80 foot of hose, its like 4 foot away.

    The stove he fixed me works like a dream. I have to be careful and put less in the jars with it I think. For some reason a couple of jars didn’t seal of peaches, I think I overfilled them or they were after they cooked, that’s a new one for me. I’m not thrilled with the tattlers, think I’m just going to buy some sleeves of the regular lids but not thrilled with them either and the amount of adhesive on them anymore. I also may add about 10 more quarts of green tomatoes. Tomatoes are the last items I will can this year.

    We went to amish country today to a meat market we have only heard good about. It was crowded and in a little rural town, its over an hour or more away from us down windy, windy roads. They had everything, pork, beef, lamb, home made sausages, all kinds of lunch meats, and more cheeses then I’ve seen and products from the past. We bought a little of everything to try it. I cooked hamburgers and oh my god, it was like the meat we used to have butchered fresh. Best stuff I have eaten in years. Told hubs next trip we will stock up for 3 to 4 months worth. They had some meats from Eckrich of course but I think some of that cheese was local, and the sausage was home made. Lots of young Mennonite girls working there I think, don’t believe they were amish. Very pleasant and wholesome looking young women. So I feel I have accomplished some this week. I will be excited to finish my canning, but I have LOTS of tomatoes in my future yet! Hubs has been working to add additional parking behind our garages for his dump truck and backhoe, kind of get them out of sight.

    My friend said if it all comes down, dig a hole with the backhoe and bury all our food stuffs and anything else we want to keep. I said they will find it, he said camouflage it. He is like me, he said the first few weeks people will be starving and he said the best thing we could do is hit the woods and hide till they leave, he said there would be no way to fight them all off. He knows these woods where we are. He said hope its summer though. He worries about electric going down and like he said the electric companies don’t even have enough supplies to fix them anymore. I said I’m paranoid enough now, he said nope you are not. Well, I don’t know about that. I also know someone close by like 15 to 20 minutes away where I can buy gobs of ammo, he is an arms dealer. I need to get enough for at least 2 of the guns. Not going to try and get all the different kinds needed for all these various guns. I hope I’m worried over nothing as usual, but one day….. I just don’t know. We are prepared but we couldn’t defend this place, to wide open. He and I agree our big vulnerability is water, We have streams and ponds all over but unless you have fuel would be quite a chore to get it here. There is a spring close to the house but we have no regular pump, he has parts and I hate to buy one, have to think on that a bit. Lehmans carries a lot of survivor stuff anymore, looks like they are adding to it.

    • I enjoyed reading your post it made me start thinking outside the box once again. I have considered stashing food our water table is pretty high where we live so burying it might not be a good idea hmmm maybe if I buried a freezer and stored things inside.

      We have a well but I don’t have any way to draw water from it if the power goes off.. I can hook it up to a generator and fill things up , but the noise can be heard for miles once it gets quite outside.

      Anyhow thanks for the post it made me start thinking again

      • We would only bury if it became imminent danger and had to leave the house for awhile. That would be very very bad as there is to much here to move. We are so close to having everything we need. Hubs moved a wood stove from his dads garage to here. Our house is well insulated enough it would heat most of it and he has tools, “junk”, and everything here that would be terrible to lose as does his friend. The guys brother passed away, he was a pack rat, they sold a ton of stuff but I’m sure there are still things that could be used. I hate to even have to consider such a thing, but the way its going, the economy looks good now, but more and more tariffs and high interest rates could crash it all. It’s a very fragile system and the underpinnings are being pulled. If making industry move back happened it would be great, but we are talking big business and they will close before coming back here.

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