• PatrioticStabilist posted an update 2 years, 8 months ago

    I have ramped up my prepping. If the other tariffs are implemented prices are going to go skyhigh. I wonder too if we will start experiencing shortages. I have friends working that said their companies have stocked up as much as possible on things they use to make items. Also wondering how this will effect farmers, a lot of the Chinese buyers are gone. They said they have sold a lot of grain some to countries grabbing it up because of low prices trying to get ahead of the tariffs once again. I also am very worried with the huge tax breaks interest rates will go up, hope they don’t get to 10% or more again, that part won’t hurt us as we don’t buy stuff on credit. But it will hurt a lot of folks. Just so much uncertainty. We are retired but everything I read said wages just aren’t going up, now that is a shame all should reap rewards. But for us the biggest threats are the cuts the repubs want to do to SS, medicare, and Medicaid, guess they will pay with the tax cuts for the 1% that way. Just so much uncertainty. I will just continue to put supplies, food, and everything back. It won’t hurt we can always use it whether things go good or bad. We are past our working years other then rental income so nothing else we can do except cut back on spending, can and get meat less expensively and we should be good to go. Hope folks can keep working, that is a good thing. Guess we will just have to wait and see how bad the tariffs hurt and how long they will be on. They aren’t hurting china, they are hurting us, the companies are American producing goods overseas, cheap, they aren’t going to move back, sadly.

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