• PatrioticStabilist posted an update 2 years, 8 months ago

    Got most of my canning done, ended up with 45 quarts of stewed tomatoes, lots of spaghetti sauce, tomato juice, and tons of other stuff. I used all my jars I don’t know how many 150 plus or more, bought a case today, had some left for apples but not many. I bought apples today going to can stewed and apples for pies. Also someone on a canning forum said they saute and brown peppers, onions, and mushrooms and can in the small jars to use with steak and meat. I have a lot of bell and banana peppers in the garden yet. I also hope to get enough tomatoes to can more tomato juice. I am stocking up like never before this year, hubs is retired and home all the time now and we use lots and lots of tomato products. Also my small freezer is full. We are getting ready to make a meat run again, I cleaned out my big freezer too. Going to be set for the winter and maybe next summer and fall? I cook a lot at home, started making bread again and hope to make rolls tomorrow. Nothing like home made rolls, yum, yum. I stocked up on other things today, TP, dishwasher pods, washer pods, dishwasher liquid, 4 dozen eggs, case of mushrooms, 2 packs of mushrooms, potatoes, onions, even some ribeyes, had 2 tonight, they were excellent. spent almost $300 at Sams, it didn’t seem to go far. Last month bought a sleeve of canner lids from Lehman’s, they are sealing good, I’m going to order one of small mouth jars the other was wide mouth. Added more salt in big boxes another box of Bisquick, its useful. And with my stock already I’m set for awhile. Hubs filed one 100 gallon tank of propane, we have 2 for my kitchen stove. I go through about 200 pounds a year.

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