• PatrioticStabilist posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    Been busy, we were going with a smaller garden this year partly due to age. But after hearing about tariffs on Mexico which will affect a lot of our food supply I decided to add more. We were in the process of planting so added more.

    Hubs helped this year so we added soaker hoses, then a weedblock and today we added straw over the top. I am really hoping it will reduce the weeding as its getting harder for me todo. I found some grape vines to replace the ones I lost but they are green and I wanted the purple ones. Due to wet weather a lot of things are becoming pot bound at the nurseries and these were not the exception. They were marked down to $2.72 per pot and some even had small grapes forming. Well they will be nice to eat, I got 5 pots, can add purple for jelly if I find some. I only had one nice blackberry survive, also looking to pick up at least 5 more. The berries are starting to set on now.

    I am having trouble with a lot of things, I lose one peach tree to disease last year and I think the bigger ones I have I’m about to lose also, the leaves are curling. I’m about ready to have hubs cut it down.
    I have 2 good looking apples but don’t see any have set on, to much rain? They are only about 3 years old so hoping. I plan to add another and replace the peach with 2 more. The weather and bugs seem to be something I’m not fighting a lot.

    Hubs ran water lines to the garden and to where my fruit trees and grapes are so now I can keep them watered, that may help them to live when I plant new ones.
    I’m also adding 3 Life Bevy sleeping bags, they are somewhat like mylar for warmth. I plan to keep those in our vehicle along with life straws and some other emergency supplies. Since I take Plavix and bleed extensively even with minor cuts I’m now keeping the sponges for clotting on hand and blood clotting spray.

    I have not planted extensively like I usually do. I have quite a bit of canned goods back but not what I normally do. I hope things get settled and we don’t get prices increases of 25% across the board. We are retired but have extra income from investments ad rentals so we will be ok, but I will feel very badly for so many that do not have much resources. Let’s hope for things to improve while we prepare just in case.

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