• PatrioticStabilist posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    We also went to am amish area where they have a meat market, the meat is raised on local farms and they process it. It is to absolutely die for and the cost is lower then the store. We stocked up on enough for a couple of months possibly 3 and intend to keep doing so. The quality is outstanding.

    This is different but I’m talking to hubs about building us an outside toilet like we used to have. We have discussed a tank like on a septic, have a concrete base and just a hole toilet seat on top or even a regular toilet and sink. In the winter we can just turn it off. I doubt we do this year but I think next summer he will have time. He has a backhoe so can dig the hole out for it. It could have a lateral line or just have it pumped. We live rural, on 4 acres and yet have city water. We are fortunate to have the water line run in front of our house and was tapped into long ago. We know there is a spring here somewhere and hubs wants to also tap into it, he can water witch. He used to think my prepping ideas were a bit much but in the last couple of years I haven’t heard him say its silly any longer. Good in some way, bad in others. There are other issues we need to address and will if things continue as they are.

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