• PatrioticStabilist posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    We have been warned a person in a local restaurant has hepatitis. they ware telling us not to worry. They said in Indiana we normally have 12 cases a year and this year 1500 so far! It’s hepatitis A, hubs and I have both had shots because we traveled out of the country and needed them, but DD has not. I’m thinking she is getting it if she can. Hubs worked in 3rd world countries so like son he has every shot known to man I think. DD is 48 and mentally challenged soon as she is 50 shingles shot, she has had it once already. We are checking and updating all vaccinations as needed for her and I. Hubs was 3 years ago so he is ok. Just more things we need to think about.

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