• soooo… i canned peach jelly this week.. it did not jel… so i followed the directions and RE-Did it.. .still did not jel… the liquid pectin i used was a few years old… so.. should you not use commercial ( Ball ) pectin or STORE it for later use?

    Im not sure… i have a lot of liquid and powdered pectin stored… im thinking…..

    The…[Read more]

  • PeachOnEarth replied to the topic Water Purification in the forum Water 8 years, 3 months ago

    This is an excellent thread on water purification and pool shock…. This was posted several years ago however…..
    are there any new findings about water purification since then? or does this information pretty much still hold true?..
    Pool Shock is on my spring shopping list….

  • I kept thinking about Christmas this year and what direction we would take. Normally, I invite a few family, a few friends over and usually end up with a house full.

    I think this year we are going to keep it simple with just a few family… we can’t really afford a big Christmas monetary wise…. we had thought that this year we MIGHT buy that…[Read more]

  • tysm icefire 🙂 loving it here… the whole website… but was glad to find this forum.. as a newbie of course im not jaded yet… thank you all for your support and how welcoming you all are to newbies like me.. its much appreciated.. so much to learn.. but glad to see a ” lite” side too 🙂

  • well, im a newbie as of this month and just read thru all 8 pages of posts before getting here… so saw the progression of the forum from beginning to present..LOL… chuckled alot, learned alot.. never HEARD of a DIVA!…glad i no longer have to use one!!!!… will visit here alot now 🙂


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