• You mean to tell me that with everything going on in our state and our country, with people rushing to the super markets buying water and TP all over Connecticut and with Emergency Preparedness officials telling us we need to stock up for challenging times… there’s still no one interested in having productive discussions on this forum? Really?

    • Hey there Rosco, hi yes my friend its the same over here in the UK, people actually fighting over TP, its getting bad , most people have left everything to the last minute instead of forward thinking and preparing themselves, for the BIG ONE, well its here now the super virus, and this is just the first stage, we have more deadly strain coming,…[Read more]

  • Check into your local Community Emergency Management volunteer group. I think you’ll meet a number of preppers disguised as trained and capable responders. Just replace the word “prepper“ with “responder” and you may be surprised by some of the people you encounter.

  • Hi Mike and welcome.
    It sounds like you’ve got the right mindset and reaching out to the “Prepper Community” is a good idea. It’ll take a bit of navigating though. The core values, the values that you seem to aspire to, are definitely something to develop and build on. Regrettably, the term “Prepper“, has come to imply different things to d…[Read more]

  • Rosco replied to the topic Wine-Home Made in the forum Recipes 1 year, 6 months ago

    My dad made quite a bit of wine from this basic recipe back in the 70’s. The flavor wasn’t much different than if you had simply added vodka to the Welch’s, but it was fairly potent. He used one-gallon glass vinegar bottles and some sort of inexpensive glass goose-neck expansion resevoir/tube with a balloon as described.

  • I need to make a correction (appears I can’t edit the original post)… The date of the demo is Saturday, June 1st. Not May 25th… sorry!

  • This is kind of a check in. I’ll be conducting a blacksmithing demo next Saturday, May 25th at 99 Marjorie Circle in Hebron, CT. Next Saturday is the Town-Wide Tag Sale. The Worship Center on Marjorie Circle is hosting a tag sale, plant and craft sale that day and I will be setting up around 9:30 AM and running a pretty much non-stop series of…[Read more]

  • There’s probably a few of us that check back every so often… nostalgia, remembering the good old days.

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