• @EarthyPoetGirl wrote:

    I know this is Johnny-come lately for this thread, but I get my lye (sodium hydroxide) from Essential Depot on line. It is currently 1.99 for a two pound bottle, plus shipping. no waiting list….I think I had to e-sign some kind of a disclaimer a few years ago. FAST shipping too. Great company! For carrier oils I like Glory…

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  • @CajunDaddys_girl wrote:

    Found a great way to grate the bar soap…..
    A hand held crank cheese grater used for hard cheeses. Like the ones Italian cafe`s use at the table side to grate cheese in your soup, salad or entree`.
    Wally World or Target` carry them.

    You cut the soap in 3rds and place in holder and turn the crank….. No grated fingers ot…

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