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    I like dehydrating just because you don’t NEED purchase anything to dehydrate. The initial start-up to dehydrate might be a little $$ ( if you go with an Excalibur, which seems to be the gold standard of dehydrators…I have one and LOVE it)

    That being said, I never BUY stuff specifically to dehydrate unless it’s more expensive to buy freeze…[Read more]

  • It can all seem overwhelming at first. I store most of what I dehydrate in 1/2 gallon jars. When I have that filled, I will Mylar bag them. I’ve got some sweet potatoes in now that just smell awesome. Takes some willpower not to stop and snack on them.

  • ^^^ That’s awesome! I use a Generic white bread recipe from Better Homes and Gardens. I also use generic AP flour since it was cheaper than the bread flour. I do all the mixing and kneading by hand. I dump the moist bread on the counter and most of my remaining flour is rolled in on the board.Not because I like to do it that way, I once snapped a…[Read more]

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    Mechanics!!! If It runs…I can fix it. I do the work on my own Jeep and love it.

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    Sure you can make smaller bags. Grab a 5 gallon bag and make a bunch of little ones. I usually fold the mylar in half to get a crisp seam, unfold and line the crease up in the middle of my board ( i use a 1×2 normally to seal but I double up the seams where I split the bag) Run your iron over the top to seal and cut. Fold those 2 bags in half and…[Read more]

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    @char wrote:

    I haven’t gotten started yet but I do have a few questions

    For those of you that dehydrate potatoes do you think it is cost and time effective to dehydrate vs purchase freeze dried? What if you grow your own and put them in sand and a trash can (sort of a do it yourself root cellar. How long do they last?

    What happens if you seal…

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    Pretty much any frozen veggie/ fruit can just be thrown in the dehydrator. Part of the freezing process is they blanch them. Only thing to watch out for is potatoes. SOME potatoes will have oil in them, and they will never ever EVER really dry out. Costco had 10lbs of hashbrowns and they were oil free. Took up the whole dehydrator and when I got…[Read more]

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    @JulieInOregon wrote:

    OK new prepper here! I just bought a Nesco round dehydrator. I have 4 bags of cranberries frozen in the freezer. I want to dry them. What should I do? Blanch them? Use some lemon? I have never dehydrated anything before. Help me please. I have looked at videos on youtube, but nothing about cranberries. Thanks,…

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  • Same here. The frozen corn needs ALOT of boiling to make it not chewy. The fresh corn needed less, but was still chewy..

  • I haven’t used a Nesco but I’ll give you some input on the Excalibur.

    LOVE IT. The trays are super easy to load, holds lots of foods and it really easy to clean. I bought mine through Excaliburs site and I got a refurbished model. It was cheaper than the new ones but for the last year has been flawless. Even came with a recipe booklet.

    I store…[Read more]

  • At how many like minded people can be in your area.

    Just this past week I met 2 separate people who are definitely of a like mind to my husband and I.

    First gentleman was a guy that we bought our new generator from. He had it at a decent price and it was capable of running the 2 deep freezes with some extra juice to spare.
    Got to talking and lo…[Read more]

  • Been away for a bit ( Computer issues) but this week I did about :
    4 lbs of corn
    5-6 lbs of dried mixed veggies
    3 lbs of peas and green beans.

    I’ve got this huge dehydrator just nothing to put in it yet LOL Probably won’t be saying that this summer

  • I’ll have to try that then. Longer times and maybe I’ll lower the temp a bit as well.

  • Really?? It was dried for about 30 some odd hours LOL
    I was reading that tomato powder is REALLY hydroscopic and pretty much damn near impossible to keep in powdered form.

    Any tips??

  • UGH. Tomato paste. Dehydrating this stuff is tough. Even after you dehydrate it, it still clumps. I had dried a can or two, cracked it up and was running it through a coffee grinder. It literally LUMPED up around the blades causing the grinder to rock.
    I got it somewhat powdery and now it sits rock hard in a glass jar.

    I’d either buy it, or just…[Read more]

  • I saw a video of someone cooking the turkey, Like ground turkey, draining it and THEN dehydrating it. The book that came with mine said you can do certain types of FISH too. Like cod and lower fat fish.

  • About how long and what heat do you guys run your meat at? I’ma thinking I might buy some turkey and give that a go.
    I’d like to at least TRY some different meats. Any other suggestions??
    I got everything in ziplock bags inside coffee cans till I can store ’em properly.

  • Doing a small batch of apples for the kiddos now. Bought a 9 tray Excalibur today ( don’t tell my husband)
    Looking forward to really getting into it. Now the storing part LOL

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