• We dehydrate a lot, mostly stuff from our garden. Like some others here, I store the dried food in canning jars with a desiccant packet and vacuum-sealed with my FoodSaver. rjburk, I recommend you dry fruits and vegetables until they are “crisp” and break, not bend. If you don’t dry them completely, there is a good chance it will mold. A lot of…[Read more]

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    I have an All American pressure cooker and use it on my glass top stove with no problem. I agree that it is an advantage to have one that doesn’t need replacement parts such as gaskets. When the weather is hot I sometimes use it on a propane stove outside. It only works if it isn’t windy. If the wind blows the flame it is more difficult to hold…[Read more]

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    Tamtbell, regarding your question about canning on a glass top stove, I have done it many times with no problem. I think the earliest glass tops were not as sturdy and may have been a problem.

  • Vina8 replied to the topic A Ladies World in the forum Ladies Section 8 years, 7 months ago

    Tamtbell and arkieready, you both are way ahead of where I was two or three years ago! I learned a lot including some confidence from the great women on this forum. I am glad you have joined us. It sounds like we can learn from you, too.

  • @bsnid wrote:

    I dehydrated frozen corn the other day. Then i cooked the corn in boiling water and tried it. It was really chewy, so im wonder could that be cause from over dehydrating?

    I have also dried some frozen corn, but haven’t tried cooking it yet. Now you have me curious. I will try rehydrating it in hot water for awhile before I cook…[Read more]

  • I predict it will take a few days. You could also try stringing the peppers and let them dry naturally like they do in Mexico and Southwest. I’m sure you can find directions on the internet.

  • @koeelvry wrote:

    I have had some 2 to 3 inch long peppers in a Nesco dehydrator for about 24hrs now and they’re only just starting to show signs of drying. Do I need to do something to them first? My wife wants them dehydrated whole so she can string them. Do I need to pierce them or something or does it just take 2 or 3 days to deyhdrate…

    [Read more]

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    It is nice to see you back, Xant! How are things in Europe? Are you still in the home you moved to last year?

    (formerly Mtn Mama)

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    When I first joined 1/1/10, it was here in the “Ladies Section” that I first felt at home and learned a lot. IceFire, MMPaints, Alaska Rose, Kymber (sadly, no longer visits APN), SciFiChick, Little Doc, and OkieB were my prepping heroes. This was my first forum, and the strong, irreverent, funny women here made it fun to be a prepper. There are…[Read more]

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    Boadicea71, that is one of the things I have appreciated about APN. We have a good number of knowledgeable women. It is a nice balance. I am not fond of forums that are predominantly one sex or the other.

  • Since there seems to be renewed interest in dehydrating, I have posted some pictures and basic information about dehydrating on my blog. I learned a lot of what I know about dehydrating from folks on this forum and will always be grateful to them. In fact, if you go to the start of this thread, you will find some of my…[Read more]

  • Thanks for visiting my blog, Gerty. LOL, I know that families can be picky about gray food! We are drying potatoes from our garden. I do them sliced. I found that dehydrated hash browns are excellent and you can’t tell the difference from fresh. You can buy them pretty cheap online–cheaper than if you have to buy the potatoes fresh to dehydrate.

  • As already mentioned, dehydrate2store videos, “The Dehydrator Bible” for an instruction and recipe book, the internet for other searches for specific things not listed in the book. I mostly experiment now on my own. I have no experience with the Nesco, but like Tinga, I have the Excalibur 9-tray and love it. At this time of year, it goes 24/7…[Read more]

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    When my mother was a girl, they used washable “rags”, where “on the rag” comes from. In other cultures they have used any adsorbent material such as cattails, leather straps, etc. At the NC camp-out last weekend the subject came up among some of the women, and the consensus was to stock Diva cups. I am very happily beyond the need, but may stock…[Read more]

  • CDG, Yes, I have seen the recipe where people substitute Zote. I haven’t tried it, but I’m sure it works fine.

    Roger, congratulations on your purchases! Yes, I know how lucky we are to have access to so many useful prepper items. We also make good use of the internet for stuff we can’t find in a small town. Good luck on your first…[Read more]

  • I haven’t used the auto dishwasher mixture. I am going to give that a try! Thanks. I have quite a bit of borax and soda stored, so it will be much cheaper and more convenient than buying commercial detergent.

    We have purchased and stored some jeans and shirts because of the rising cotton prices. I am glad I don’t have growing children to clothe!

  • Thanks, Lynda. That is very close to how I make mine:
    1 bar grated Fels Naptha, Heat on the stove in a large pot of water until melted. (Abt 1 gal of water)
    1 C. Laundry Soda,
    1 C. Borax
    I add the hot fels mixture to a 5 gal bucket, mix in the soda and borax, fill about 3/4 full with hot water. I usually add one or two tsp. of essential oils.…[Read more]

  • @Detentus wrote:

    I made my second batch of laundry soap last week and it turned out much better than my first. Better recipe, I think. Also made my own liquid hand soap from all those leftover slivers I save. Turned out great.

    Have you seen the price of commercial laundry soap these days?

    What recipe did you use?

  • @eclectictexan wrote:

    New In South/Central Texas. Mom of six, homeschooler, our goal is to get out of suburbia…but try to be ready where we are at. 😀 Looking forward to learning alot! M.

    Welcome to the forum from NC! Let us know if you have any questions.

  • @Ronin4hire wrote:

    Curious about making tomato powder- would it help to use tomato PASTE instead? or puree?
    Seems that the thicker product would dry faster, as long as its spread THIN on the trays…

    I would use the tomato paste. It is already thickened with a lot of the water removed. Experiment and see if it turns out to be what you want.…[Read more]

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